Welcome to 1983



Welcome to 1983,

38 Years ago…

Thursday 31st March

Wimbledon 50   Hackney 27

Another humiliating defeat for the Hawks on a track made tricky by the rather wet conditions. Apart from the Hawks former skipper Barry Thomas top scoring with 8 points, the rest were extremely disappointing including the up to now the inform Bo Petersen in this 1982 London Cup match.

What didn’t help the Hawks cause was both John Titman and Jens Rassmussen both failing to complete heat 9 after both riders fell.

For the Don’s Kai Neimi recorded a 12 point maximum with Malcolm Simmons joining him with a paid maximum and Kelvin Tatum recorded his first win in a Dons body colour.

Wimbledon 50                                 Hackney 27

Kai Niemi 12                                     Barry Thomas 8

Malcolm Simmons 10                       Bo Petersen 7

Dave Jessup 8                                  John Titman 6

Ari Koponen 8                                  Finn Thomsen 3

Mike Ferreira 5                                 Jens Rasmussen 2

Kelvin Tatum 5                                 Sean Willmott 1
Roger Johns 2                                  Martin Hagon 0


Welcome to 1983, 38 Years ago…

Wednesday March 30th

Poole 48              Hackney 30

Another disappointing result for the Hawks, who went down 48-30 last night at Poole. Finn Thomsen and Bo Petersen both topped the scoring with 9 apiece. But with the remaining Hawks only scoring 12 points between them, that’s a slight worry ahead of tonight’s trip to Wimbledon in the first leg of the London Cup.

The Hawks were level after three heats with the score at 9-9 but two five-ones for the Pirates in Heat 4 & 5 by John Davis and Neil Middleditch and Kevin Smith and their guest Kelvin Mullarkey respectively the Hawks never recovered. Our only heat advantage came in heat 3 with a 4-2 from Bo Petersen and Sean Willmott.    

Poole 48                                            Hackney 30

John Davis 12                                   Finn Thomsen 9

Kevin Smith 11                                  Bo Petersen 9

Michael Lee 10                                 Jens Rassmussen 5

Neil Middleditch 7                             John Titman 4

Andy Campbell 5                              Sean Willmott 2

Keith Millard 2                                  Marvyn Cox 1

Rob Maxfield 2                                 Martin Hagon 0


Swindon 43 Hackney 35

Welcome to 1983….

Hackney Speedway will relive the events that involved the Hackney Hawks day by day, week by week this year. We delve into the era when we had many more clubs and riders.

38 years ago.......

The Swindon team totally outrode the one man Hawks in this League Cup encounter and it was smiles all around in the Swindon camp.

With Steve Gresham returning to the Robins nest he breathed his old fire on a bitterly cold night at the Blunsdon track, with Phil Crump and Brian Anderson showing the Robins have at least three good heat-leaders, well at least on their own track.

Gresham took John Titman to win heat one and never looked back soring a very impressive 11 points, virtually doubling his 1982 average and only unsurprisingly losing to track expert Petersen in heat 10.  

Track specialist Bo Petersen won 5 of his six races, his only defeat was from Phil Crump in heat eleven.

Unfortunately for the rest of the Hawks is was a miserable evening. Both John Titman and Finn Thomsen had mechanical gremlins which cost the Hawks dearly.

But it’s onwards and upwards now for the Hawks. Before their next home meeting the Hawks travel to Poole on Wednesday in League Cup action then it’s the first leg of the London Cup with arch rivals


Swindon 43                                       Hackney 35        

S Gresham           11                          B Petersen           17

P Crump               11                          J Titman                 6

B Anderson           8                           F Thomsen            5

M Yeates               5                           J Rassmussen       4

M Holloway           4                           S Willmott              2

A Busk                   2                           M Hagon                 1

S Mastrup              2                           B Garrad   No 8     DNR


Welcome to 1983….

Hackney Speedway will relive the events that involved the Hackney Hawks day by day, week by week this year. We delve into the era when we had many more clubs and riders.

Hackney Hawks Fixtures


Fri 25th           1982 Vic Harding Memorial H            RAINED OFF

Sat 26th           Swindon A (LC)                                    L 35-43

Wed 30th          Poole A (LC)                                        L 48-30

Thurs 31st       Wimbledon (London Cup)                    L 50-27


Fri 1st             Wimbledon H (London Cup)                 RAINED OFF

Fri 8th             Swindon H (LC) H

Mon 11th         Reading A (LC)

Thu 14th          Ipswich A (LC)

Fri 15th           Ipswich H (LC)

Fri 22nd          Kings Lynn H (LC)

Sun 24th          Eastbourne A (LC)

Fri 29th           Poole H (LC)


Fri 6th              Reading H (LC)

Sat 7th              Kings Lynn A (LC)

Thu12th           Wimbledon A (LC)

Fri 13th           Eastbourne H (LC)

Fri 20th           Wimbledon H (LC)

Sat21st            Cradley Heath A (KOC)

Fri 27th           Cradley Heath H (KOC)

Sat 28th            Halifax A (BL)

Sun 30th           Rye House A (ILC)                                                                                                                        


Fri 3rd             Leicester H (BL)

Tue 7th             Leicester A (BL)

Fri 10th           Metro Fours H

Fri 17th           Eastbourne (BL)

Sat 18th            Belle Vue A (BL)

Fri 24th            Cradley Heath H (BL)

Sun 26th           Eastbourne A (BL)


Fri 1st             Sheffield H (BL)

Fri 8th             England v Denmark H (Third Test)

Sat 9th              Coventry A (BL)

Thu 14th           Ipswich A (BL)

Fri 15th           Reading H (BL)

Fri 22nd          Halifax H (BL)

Thu 28th           Sheffield A (BL)

Fri 29th           Coventry H (BL)


Wed 3rd           Poole A (BL)

Fri 5th              Open H

Fri 12th           London Junior Championship (H)

Fri 19th           Ipswich H (BL)

Fri 26th           Poole H (BL)

Sat 27th            Swindon

Mon 29th         Reading


Fri 2nd             Open (H)

Fri 9th             Kings Lynn H (BL)

Thu 15th           Wimbledon A (BL)

Fri 16th            Wimbledon H (BL)

Sat 17th            Cradley Heath A (BL)

Fri 23rd           Swindon H (BL)

Mon 26th         Birmingham A (BL)

Fri 30th           Birmingham H (BL)


Sat 1st              Kings Lynn A (BL)

Fri 7th             Cradley H (BL)

Fri 14th           London Riders Championship H

Thu 20t              Wimbledon A (London Cup)

Fri 21st           Wimbledon H (London Cup)

Fri 28th           Vic Harding Memorial H 

LC       League Cup

BL       British League

ILC      Inter League Challenge

All the home and away programmes plus match reports will available to read on the day as we progress through the year, just as it was happening today.

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